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Asynchrony in C# 5: Deep Dive

  • Joe Albahari
  • 00:56:49

With asynchrony the central theme of both C# 5 and Microsoft's upcoming .NET Framework, the question arises, what exactly is asynchrony? And why is it suddenly so important? This session will answer those questions in detail and then take a deep dive with practical examples demonstrating how to put this exciting new technology to work in C# 5. We'll cover the relationship between asynchrony and multithreading, imperative vs. functional asynchrony (aka Reactive Framework), the importance of hygiene in the thread pool, and most importantly... continuations! You'll see how C# 5's language support for asynchronous continuations makes it as easy as writing one line of code after the other - and why this is so important in simplifying the development of responsive and performant systems in today's interconnected world.

  • Joe Albahari is author of the upcoming C# 5.0 in a Nutshell and the inventor of LINQPad. He has presented previously at JAOO and TechEd and has published three books on C# and LINQ with O'Reilly.

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