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.NET Performance and Concurrency

  • Patrick Cooney, Joel Pobar
  • 00:58:25

Explore the world of CPU caches, bus bandwidth, and instruction sets, and how they execute your code: This session tells you how to take advantage of CPU and memory architecture, smart algorithms and the .NET Framework to make your apps blazingly fast. We'll also cover tips and tools to help you fine tune, and walk through the optimisation of some examples taken from the world of high frequency finance.

  • Patrick builds equities trading systems, and tries to make them run fast. He previously worked as a Software Engineer at Microsoft, where he developed system modelling and code generation tools, and was Head of Architecture at UK retailer Tesco.com.

  • Joel Pobar is a compiler and languages from the sunny Gold Coast in Australia. He was previously a Program Manager on the Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR) team where he worked on late-bound dynamic CLR features and API's, the Shared Source CLI (Rotor) program, Generics and Dynamic languages. He’s now deep in high performance high scalability .NET software for investment banks, governments, and Fortune 500’s. He is active in the .NET community, spending his spare time writing blog entries, articles for his favourite publication (MSDN magazine), and regularly speaks at Microsoft technology conferences.  Software Passion: Deeply inspirited by compiler and virtual machine technologies, platforms, hardware and v.next software.

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