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Above the Clouds: Introducing Akka

  • Peter Vlugter
  • 00:43:13

We believe that one should never have to choose between productivity and scalability, which has been the case with traditional approaches to concurrency and distribution. The cause of that has been the wrong tools and the wrong layer of abstraction - and Akka is here to change that. Akka is using the Actors together with Software Transactional Memory (STM) to create a unified runtime and programming model for scaling both UP (utilizing multi-core processors) and OUT (utilizing the grid/cloud). Akka provides location and network transparency by abstracting away both these tangents of scalability by turning them into an operations and configuration task. This gives the Akka runtime freedom to do adaptive automatic load-balancing, cluster rebalancing, replication and partitioning. In this talk you will learn what Akka is and how it can be used to solve hard scalability problems. Akka is available at http://akka.io (under Apache 2 license).

  • Peter Vlugter is a developer at Typesafe, the company behind Scala and Akka. He works as a hakker on the Akka team and as the tech lead for Atmos, a commercial product for scaling out and monitoring Akka applications. Peter's background is in Artificial Intelligence research, particularly Natural Language Processing systems. He has also created software for teaching and learning, worked as a graphic designer, played music professionally, and cooked in restaurants. He played a key role in creating an innovative dialogue system for language-learning. Peter lives in the South Island of New Zealand and spends some of the year at Akka HQ in Sweden.

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