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Augmented Reality is the UI for Pervasive Computing

  • Rob Manson
  • 00:50:45

Shakespeare said "All the world is a stage" and with pervasive computing this has never been more true. As Mark Weiser predicted our computersand sensors are rapidly dissolving into the background of the world around us. But if this technology is truly pervasive then where doesthe User Interface go? This question shows why Augmented Reality is much more than just the latest novelty. It is part of a structuralchange in the way we use and interact with the network. This presentation will look at the sensors around us, the standards that aredeveloping and the challenges that lie ahead.

  • Rob is the Managing Director and co-founder of MOB, an innovative R&D lab based in Sydney. He regularly presents on mobile, AR and future technology developments. He is a co-founder of http://AR-UX.com & http://ARStandards.org and is an invited expert on the W3C’s Points of Interest Working Group. Rob is not just a spectator when it comes to the future of technology, he’s actively working to shape it. And he’s been doing this though building web based startups in Sydney since 1994.

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