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Challenges Doing Personalization at Web-scale

  • Peter Bailey
  • 00:56:13

Building and operating any massive web-scale system is a hugeengineering challenge just to manage the number of computers involved.Delivering web-scale search is a huge scientific challenge as well the computing equivalent of building jumbo jets - given the sheernumbers and variety of documents and queries involved. Personalizationof web search adds the next level of complexity, where on every query weseek to match the best available documents to a user given everything wecan glean about their intent and context, and where no two users areidentical. You will learn about the axes of personalization, theessentials of measurement and experimentation, and the applications ofcontinuous implicit user feedback. Along the way, I will shareexperiences from the forefront of personalized web search relevance andranking.

  • Peter Bailey is a Principal Lead Researcher at Microsoft, and is the dev lead for Bing's Contextual Relevance team. He has worked in many roles throughout 20 years in the applied R&D software industry. These have ranged from small startups and consultancy work, through academic, government and industrial research labs. His abiding software passions revolve around programming languages, agile software development with small teams, information management, and most of all information retrieval or search. Despite the continuous shipping schedules associated with a large online service business, he remains connected to the research community, and occasionally co-authors publications with his colleagues at Microsoft Research and serves on program committees.

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