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Problem-solving and Decision-making in Software Development

  • Linda Rising
  • 00:54:37

Software developers struggle with complex problems for a living.Unfortunately, we don't have time to keep up with the enormous amount ofresearch in cognitive science that would help us be better thinkers.Linda Rising will share what she has been able to uncover. Some of it issurprising, even counterintuitive. Linda will report on the research andprovide some tips for better thinking.

  • Linda Rising has a Ph.D. from Arizona State University in the field of object-based design metrics and a background that includes university teaching and industry work in telecommunications, avionics, and strategic weapons systems. An internationally known presenter on topics related to patterns, retrospectives, agile development approaches, and the change process, Linda is the author of numerous articles and four books---Design Patterns in Communications, The Pattern Almanac 2000, A Patterns Handbook, and Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas, written with Mary Lynn Manns.

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