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Why We Need Architects (and Architecture) on Agile Projects

  • Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
  • 00:50:56

Complex software always has an architecture, even if it isn't intentional. Being agileisn't enough. It isn't prudent to just keep your code clean and hope that goodarchitecture will simply emerge. Especially when there is a lot of technicalrisk, interdependencies, and conflicting priorities. Good architecture requiresongoing attention and stewardship. This talk presents several techniques forincorporating architectural activities into complex agile projects and explainshow an agile architect's role differs from traditional software architects.

  • Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, president of Wirfs-Brock Associates, is an internationally recognized leader in the development of object design methodologies. Although best known as a software design guru and creator of Responsibility-Driven Design and the xDD meme, Rebecca is also an innovator of techniques for simply expressing complex requirements and effectively designing and communicating software architecture. She is active in the agile community, championing bringing the right balance of design and architecture into agile projects. She frequently helps product engineering, IT, and startups with the technical bits, as well as with effective teamwork and agile design and architecture practices.

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