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Lambda: The Ultimate Dependency Injection Framework

  • Runar Bjarnason
  • 00:49:28

The problem of decoupling dependencies in software has been approached in various ways. Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control are ubiquitous patterns that attempt to address that problem. In this talk, we will take a fresh look at these patterns from the perspective of Functional Programming in Scala. Once we uncover their essence, we find that there is an exceedingly simple purely functional alternative. We identify a deep connection to monads, and discover that the process of creating systems of decoupled software components is ultimately the process of creating programming languages.

  • Runar is a software developer at Capital IQ, a global provider of data and analytics for financial professionals. Runar is a contributor to the open source Scalaz library, and co-author of "Functional Programming in Scala" (Manning, 2013).

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