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Open Systems - Actors and Cloud

  • Erik Meijer
  • 01:12:15

As developers we all like to use tightly couple systems where possible and loosely coupled ones where necessary. In the closed world of the pre-Cloud era, traditional relational databases have gained tremendous leverage from tight coupling of B-tree storage, transaction managers, and query optimizers, providing developers with an efficient, consistent, and easy to use ACID programming model. In the open, distributed, asynchronous, and heterogeneous world of the Cloud, we must consider more loosely coupled computational models that are designed with distribution and concurrency in from the get go, and accept that our knowledge of the world is never fully consistent. Actors as envisioned by Carl Hewitt fit the bill perfectly. In this talk we will show how highly-available stateful Actors provide a flexible and easy to use programming model for the Cloud on the outside, while still allowing for the traditional programming models on the inside.

  • Erik is a Dutch computer scientist, programmer, software architect and leader of a cloud programmability team at Microsoft; and Professor of Cloud Programming at Delft Technical University. His accomplishments include major contributions to C#, the design of LINQ and Rx Reactive Extensions recently open sourced by Microsoft. He research at Microsoft has included work on Volta, CLR to JS; CoSql and democratizing for the cloud. Prior MS Erik was an active researcher and developer in the Haskell community. His talks are always challenging and entertaining. In every talk he show difficult practical problems can be addressed through simple and elegant solutions. Erik has twice been recognized by his peers as one of MS most valued and respected engineers.

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