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Career Advice for Programmers

  • Trisha Gee
  • 00:37:32

Anyone ever give you advice on how to remain a programmer? To avoid being “promoted” into positions away from technology and code? Anyone ever tell you at school or university that you needed social skills to be a good developer? Did you know, without having had half a dozen different jobs, that all development roles are not created equal? Is it true that moving jobs a lot is a Bad Thing?

In this session I’m going to share some lessons I learnt the hard way while managing my career as a Java developer. I’m going to tell you secrets that others don’t want to share. And I’ll give you tools for working out what your next steps are.

If nothing else, you’ll get to laugh at the (many) mistakes I’ve made in my search for The Perfect Job.

  • Trisha is a developer at MongoDB, where she she works on the Java driver. She has expertise in Java high performance systems, is passionate about enabling developer productivity, and has a wide breadth of industry experience from the 12 years she’s been a professional developer. Trisha is a leader in the London Java Community, and involved in the Graduate Development Community, she believes we shouldn’t all have to make the same mistakes again and again.

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