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Cloud Native Architecture at Netflix

  • Adrian Cockcroft
  • 00:45:44

Netflix optimizes for speed of development and high availability. Our cloud native architecture has developers running what they wrote and deploying code continuously using tooling and and patterns that minimize the impact of any production issues, and provide rapid visibility and automated response to reduce exposure. The Netflix platform has been released as a collection of open source components at http://netflix.github.com so that others can embrace and extend it.

  • Adrian Cockroft is a recognized expert and leading thinker in DevOps for Cloud / SaaS applications. Adrian Cockcroft is the director of architecture for the Cloud Systems team at Netflix. He is leading the open source NetflixOSS program and promoting the Netflix Cloud Prize (see http://netflix.github.com).

    He has presented at many conferences, including the Cassandra Summit, NoSQL Now, QCon/GOTO, Cloud Connect, Velocity, Gluecon and Structure. Adrian is also well known as the author of several books while a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems. From 2004-2007 he was a founding member of eBay Research Labs.

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