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Lessons Learned from Adopting Clojure

  • Jey Fields
  • 00:40:34

Five years ago DRW Trading was primarily a Java shop, and I was primarily developing in Ruby. Needless to say, it wasn’t a match made in heaven. Fast forward five years, Clojure is the second most used language in the firm, and the primary language for several teams (including mine). Clojure wasn’t the first language that I’ve introduced to an organization; however, it’s unquestionably the most successful adoption I’ve ever been a part of. The use of Clojure has had many impacts on the firm: culturally, politically, and technically. My talk will discuss general ideas around language selection and maintenance trade-offs, and specific examples of what aspects of Clojure made it the correct choice for us.

  • Jay Fields is a Software Engineer at DRW Trading. He has a passion for discovering and maturing innovative solutions. He has worked as both a full-time employee and as a consultant for many years. The two environments are very different; however, a constant in Jay’s career has been his focus on how to deliver more with less.

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