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Move Fast and Ship Things

  • Joel Pobar
  • 00:41:27

A few billion likes and a few hundred million photos uploaded a day. A hundred or so petabytes of queryable data and a handful of power hungry datacenters. And it’s all humming while code is being written and deployed twice daily without our users noticing. This talk will explore the “move fast” side of Facebook’s software engineering culture: development process, organizational structure and the vast amounts of tooling we use to make sure we don’t screw up. We’ll also dig into how we “ship things”: release process, A/B testing, gate keepers, test infrastructure and so on. You’ll walk away with a prospective of how we build software at scale, for scale.

  • Joel Pobar is a compiler and languages nerd from the sunny Gold Coast Australia. He currently works at Facebook as an Engineering Manager working on the HipHop PHP Virtual Machine (https://github.com/facebook/hiphop-php) which drives and scales www.facebook.com. Previously, he did time at an Investment Bank, and prior to that, worked on the .NET CLR team.

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