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Solving the Hard Problem of Concurrency

  • Joe Albahari
  • 00:39:18

Concurrency is notorious for creating complexity. I argue that the blame lies not with multithreading, mutability, or even shared writable state. The problem is one of separation: an inability to isolate concurrency logic from application logic. The cause of this inability is twofold. First, we tend to overlook the distinction between concurrency concerns and time-based concerns. Consequently, we end up with too much (complex) concurrency code and not enough (simple) temporal code. Second, there’s been a historical lack of abstractive power in mainstream programming languages. To isolate structured and unstructured concurrency, we need a language that supports type amplification, futures and time travel. The good news is that a mainstream language now supports all three: C# 5.

In this session, I will explain these concepts, and demonstrate how C# 5 simplifies asynchrony and concurrency.

  • Joe Albahari is author of the upcoming C# 5.0 in a Nutshell and the inventor of LINQPad. He has presented previously at JAOO and TechEd and has published three books on C# and LINQ with O'Reilly.

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