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The Odyssey - From Monoliths to Microservices at realestate.com.au

  • Beth Skurrie, Evan Bottcher, Jon Eaves
  • 00:45:07

Join us to hear about our adventures in a microservice world at realestate.com.au. Learn about the problems that launched our journey, the solutions to our problems, and the solutions to our solutions. We’ll share lessons that we have learned, things that have gone well and less well, where we want to go next, and some of the approaches and tools that we’ve adopted to make the approach sustainable.

  • Beth is a consultant at DiUS, specialising in Ruby development. Beth became a developer not because she particularly likes computers, but because she loves to solve problems and make things that are useful.

    Most recently, Beth has been immersed in the microservices world. Her experience has created a firm belief that we should throw away traditional integration tests and use consumer driven contracts instead. She’s been walking the talk through a national brown bag tour and as a speaker at the inaugural YOW! West Conference.

    Beth’s favorite things to do at work are talking about Pacts and deleting code.

  • Evan is a software developer and architect for ThoughtWorks, with more than 18 years experience building and integrating systems. Although a technologist at his core, Evan loves all the aspects of building effective teams. In recent years, Evan has become increasingly obsessed with solving the problems that lie in the ‘last mile’ of solution delivery - continuous integration, automated testing and deployment, and production feedback.

  • Jon is the Lead Architect for REA Group, working in the Global Infrastructure and Architecture team. With more than 25 years of experience constructing software, he has built software in a wide range of domains, from controlling hardware to payroll systems and the standard consumer-centric web applications. Jon is particularly interested in software design and how to influence teams in building good software, the latter which takes up more and more of his time.

    On most days, you will find Jon riding one of his bikes, drinking coffee at the local cafe and being heckled by colleagues as he wistfully remembers the time he spent all day, every day writing code.

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